How to play Simon

Compete against the computer in this classic game of Simon Says. Just turn the game on and press START when you're ready to go--

Correctly repeat a longer and longer sequence of signals.

  1. Simon will give the first color.
  2. Repeat the color by pressing the same button.
  3. Simon will duplicate the first color and add one.
  4. Repeat these two colors in the correct order.
  5. Gameplay continues, each round adding a color to the series.
  6. If you choose wrong the display will flash "xx" and you must re-start that series.
  7. If you use STRICT MODE and choose wrong, you will lose the game.

To win:

You need to successfully make it through 20 rounds to win the game!
(Hint: you can change the winning number over in Settings.)

Number of rounds:

Speed of gameplay:

Sound effects:

Hey, thanks for playing!

This Simon game was made as part of the Front-End developer's curriculum from FreeCodeCamp. It uses JavaScript and jQuery, along with HTML5, CSS3, and BootStrap.

It was built by Tessa Bradford. Please feel free to check out her other work!